Capon Leg Quarters


Capon Leg Quarters

4-5 lb. package

A chicken is just a chicken, right? Not necessarily - a Capon is not your average chicken. Some even call it the 'Super Chicken', due to its rich and tender flavor. Capon is essentially a rooster that is gelded, or surgically neutered at three weeks of age to neutralize the muscular development of the bird. This centuries-old technique contributes to a plumper and juicier bird, which also improves the texture compared to a traditional roast chicken.

Our Capons are:

  • All Natural*
  • Never given hormones or growth stimulants**
  • Raised on family farms
  • Fed an all-vegetarian diet
  • Free Range

Our Capon Leg Quarters make a versatile dinner for two - they are wonderful braised, broiled, deep-fried, grilled or roasted.

*No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.
**Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

Serving Size:

  • Serves approximately 2-3 people.
  • 4 legs per package.


  • Frozen
  • Raw
  • Ready to Cook

Additional Information:
Our capons are well-fed until approximately 16 weeks until they weigh 10-13 lbs. This is double the lifespan of conventional chickens,making the birds a special dinner centerpiece throughout the entire year.

The long growing process naturally produces a high-weight bird with well-marbled meat.

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