Whetstone Valley Young Split Boneless Goose Breast- Check Back NOV 2024


Boneless Goose Breast - All the Flavor, No Mess

1.5-2.5 lb packages
Size: 1 or 
10 Packages

Our Boneless Goose Breast provides the juicy and rich flavor of a traditional roast goose, and are the perfect size for an intimate dining experience. Our Boneless Breast are also a Chef's delight - offering the rich flavor of goose in an easy-to-prepare manner.
  • Breasts are harvested from USDA inspected, Grade A Geese

Boneless Breasts are packed individually in clear vacuum sealed packages and flash frozen

Serving Size:

  • Serves approximately 4 people.
  • 2 breast lobes per package


  • Frozen
  • Raw
  • Ready to Cook

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