Parts Missing Smoked Capon


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What exactly is a Parts Missing Smoked Capon? A PM Capon tastes just as delicious as their Grade A counterparts, however, during processing there was damage to the wing or a skin tear occurred so a part of the bird was removed. While the capon may not be picture perfect for presentation purposes, it’s a wonderful option for feeding a group or to cook in bulk. Although this is a Parts Missing Capon, the one thing you won’t miss is the higher price!

The PM Smoked Capons are smoked over real hickory wood chips until the flavors of the meat and smoke are perfectly blended. They are fully cooked and delicious any way you serve it:

  • Ready-to-devour from the refrigerator
  • Can be served at room temperature
  • Warm from the oven – our favorite preparation

PM Smoked Capon packages are shipped vacuum-packed and are ready to enjoy!

Serving Size:

  • 6-7 lbs: Serves approximately 6-7 people

Frozen Fully Cooked Ready to Eat Thaw before serving Pre-heat oven to 350° Place capon in oven safe pan. Heat for approximately 60-80 minutes, uncovered, to desired temperature preference. Do not overheat to avoid drying out meat.

Additional Information:
Our capons are well-fed until approximately 16 weeks until they weigh 10-13 lbs. This is double the lifespan of conventional chickens, making the birds a special dinner centerpiece throughout the entire year.

The long growing process naturally produces a high-weight bird with well-marbled meat.

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