Smoked Capon Leg - .7-1.19 lbs



Smoked Capon Legs

Qty: Packages of 1 or 8 Individual Smoked Goose Legs
Size: .7-1.19 lbs. each

Our Smoked Capon Legs are a wonderful ready-to-serve treat.
  • Smoked Capon Legs are a product that's remarkably tender, juicy and holds a unique smoky flavor.
  • Simply warm the leg(s) in a skillet until cooked through for a meal that'll please the entire family - if you decide to share


  • Frozen
  • Pre-Cooked
  • Ready to Eat

About our Smoking Process

  • When the leg and thigh meat of a capon is smoked, the naturally succulent meat becomes extremely moist and flavorful. In the smokehouse, the meat is gently caressed for hours by the smoke from fragrant hickory wood. Meanwhile, wonderful flavors develop from the salty-sweet brown sugar brine it was bathed in. The result is a product unlike any other smoked food available anywhere.
  • The brine is made from a brown sugar cure to which our own blend of spices are added. It’s all mixed together in icy cold water before being introduced to the meat. The meat then goes into a tumbler where it cures for hours to pull the wonderful brine throughout.
  • During the entire smoking process steam is injected into the smokehouse to keep the meat moist and intensify the flavors. 
  • Once the smoking process is complete, the capon is flash frozen to retain all of its freshness, flavor and moisture.

Cured With:
Water, Brown Sugar Cure (Salt, Brown Sugar, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Carbonate, Propylene Glycol), Sodium Phosphate, Brown Sugar, Bacon Taste Booster (Sugar, Salt, Spice Extracts)

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