Smoked Capon



Smoked Capon - Easy and Delicious

  • Our hickory chip Smoked Capon is fully cooked and delicious any way you serve it:
    • Ready-to-devour from the refrigerator
    • Served at room temperature
    • Warm from the oven - our favorite

The Capon is smoked over real hickory wood chips until the flavors of the rich and tender meat and smoke blend together.

Smoked Capon packages are shipped vacuum-packed and are ready to enjoy!

Serving Sizes

  • 6-7 lb: Serves approximately 6-7 people
  • 7-8 lb: Serves approximately 7-8 people
  • 8-9 lb: Serves approximately 8-9 people


  • Frozen
  • Fully Cooked
  • Ready to Eat
  • Thaw before serving

Cooking Instructions

  • Pre-heat oven to 350°
  • Place capon in oven safe pan
  • Heat for approximately 60-80 minutes, uncovered, to desired temperature preference
  • Do not overheat to avoid drying out meat

Additional Information:

Our capons are well-fed until approximately 16 weeks until they weigh 10-13 lbs. This is double the lifespan of conventional chickens, making the birds a special dinner centerpiece throughout the entire year.

The long growing process naturally produces a high-weight bird with well-marbled meat.

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