Young Goose Confit Whole Legs- Check Back NOV 2024


Goose Leg Confit - An Old-World Delight

Quantity: 1, 8, or 40 leg quantities with rendered goose fat
Size: .75 or less lbs. each

The product is slowly roasted for at least 4 hours at a low temperature where the meat is gradually "poached" in goose fat until it is so tender, it nearly melts. This cooking process reduces the preparation time to minutes instead of hours, still delivering the confit with delicious results every time. The rich dark leg meat takes on layers of flavor and the celebrated goose skin crisps itself to a brittle texture with just the right snap and crackle. The fully cooked leg brings the full flavor of goose with a wonderful ease of preparation to the table.


  • Frozen
  • Heat-treated
Serving Suggestion
  • Thaw completely prior to removing leg and fat from the bag and place directly into a pan.
  • Heat on stove top in pan over medium heat, skin side up, about 5-10 minutes.
  • Raise temperature to medium-high heat, flip leg over and cook for 1-3 minutes until skin is crispy.
  • Season to taste and ENJOY!
Additional Information:
Culinarians everywhere celebrate goose as the most flavorful entrée that exists. The confit method of preparing goose infuses the meat with goose fat, making it among the tastiest ways to serve goose. The process previously took many hours, but we're delighted to bring you our Confit style.

Our Confit style goose leg and thigh pair has been carefully pre-cooked exactly as in Medieval southwestern France, which said to be its origin. There’s also an added benefit in confit cooking - the fat in which the meat was roasted becomes a frying medium for your favorite foods. This includes sautéed vegetables, scrambled eggs or omelets, use atop savory toasts and it especially makes potatoes a treat. Shred the meat into salads, cassoulet, casseroles and stews, and even sauces for toppings on other savory foods.


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